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My Grandfather started the business in 1926. He was based at 13 Arnesby Road in Lenton ( Now changed to 11a ). He had worked for National Cash Registers and did not want to go to India so he left and started his own business looking after cash registers for some of the large department stores and licenced houses within a 90 mile radius of Nottingham. After the war one of his eldest son joined him in the family business which was located at Arkwright Street in the Meadows. His son soon left and went to work for Gross Cash Registers. Grandfather carried on but was not very well, my father then took over the family business. He had been to Loughborough University to study mechanical engineering and worked for Newey Enginnering as their Design Engineer. it was not rocket science to work out how the old press down cash registers worked and it was not long before my mother joined him in the business. She travelled to the same areas as grandfather had using local buses and then later by car. Visiting shop keepers, publicans and anywhere a cash register could be used. No one had any money and those that did were reluctant to spend it on something to put money in.


Time marched on and soon I was old enough to pick up a screwdriver and work out how the machines worked for myself. I started working Saturdays cleaning key leavers on the old press down cash registers. On leaving school I went to Peoples College for a couple of years before joining the family business. A.R.Johnson and Son became Johnsons Cash Registers and we headed for decimalisation when all the cash registers would have to function in £p rather than £sd.


Sadly my father died in 1972 and "Mrs J" continued with the business with me looking after service and repairs. Arkwright Street was demolished to make way for new housing and we moved to Hockley. Over the years we have modernised our premises and now have a nice City Centre showroom and workshop with customer parking.

Ian Johnson

A very brief history