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Quorion CR21. A simple but very powerful entry level cash register. With upto 10000 products with a 25 character description this can be used as a simple scanning machine with the addition of a laser scanner. Upto 8 clerks with reports on individual clerk sales. This makes this an ideal machine for hairdressers. Available on a small drawer or the more popular 8 coin 4 note cash drawer. The CR21 also has an internal rechargeble battery which can give upto 5 hours of use. The 58mm receipt can have a grapics logo.

Quorion QMP50. Basically the same as the CR21 but has no internal battery. It has a backlight graphical front and rear display and upto 20 clerks

QMP 2000 Range. Front multiline blue backlight graphical display. Customer display 2 line backlight. High speed thermal receipt printer with cutter. Customer receip with graphical logo. 20+ clerks with individual analysis of each clerks sales. Cash drawer with 8 coins and 4 note compartments. Available with 64 button and 104 raised button keyboard and 124 button flat keyboard. Inter Register Communications, Scale Link to CAS Scales and Scanning


Free QProg programming and reporting utility which allows for remote access to data via internet.

CR21 pdf QMP50 pdf QMP2000 pdf CAS-PD-2-Scale