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We can now offer two software packages that will work with Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems.


We have Vectron software that will run on many old touch screen systems. ICR Touch and ECRTouch software for the newer touch screens. So if you are fed up of paying extortionate charges and would far rather have something you can manage yourself then perhaps you should call and discuss your requirements.


So what can we do?


1.   Provide cost efective software solutions from three software houses

2.   Once the licence is purchased the software is yours.

3.   No on going software support charges unless you decide you need support.

4.   Software will run on most most PC Based, Windows XP or Windows 7 systems.

5.   Vectron software will also run very well on some of the older equipment.

Need New Software ?

Telephone 0115 9580079

Vectron Software

Is now available for your PC Based EPOS System. It is one of the leading software systems in Europe with well over 125,000 sites using it. They produce their own equipment but the software is now available for a PC Based System.